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  • Mineral deposit BritannicaIron Ore Sedimentary Rock Pictures Definition More

    A mineral deposit that is sufficiently rich to be worked at a profit is called an ore deposit and in an ore deposit the assemblage of ore minerals plus gangue is called the ore All ore deposits are mineral deposits but the reverse is not trueEarth s most important iron ore deposits are found in sedimentary rocks They formed from chemical reactions that combined iron and oxygen in marine and fresh waters The two most important minerals in these deposits are iron oxides

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  • Hydrothermal Minerals National Museum WalesMineral Deposits Chiang Mai University

    Porphyry type mineralization takes the form of disseminated ore minerals chiefly of copper molybdenum and gold occurring within large bodies of intrusive acid to intermediate igneous rock They are a particularly important source of copper in global terms despite the typically low grades sometimes less than 1 Cu such orebodies can contain hundreds of millions of tonnes of reservMineral Deposits Mineral deposits are concentrations of minerals and as such is a geological term Whether a mineral deposit is also an ore deposit depends on economics

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  • Genesis of Pb Zn Cu Ag Deposits Within Permian Copper Ore Types Sulfides versus Oxides Nasdaq

    This deposit was formed by at least three phases of mineralization ie pyrite and then galena replaced pyrite sphalerite replaced galena and pyrite The last phase is the deposition of chalcopyrite that replaced sphalerite The Latong sulfide ore deposits posses Pb isotope ratio of 206Pb/204Pb = 207Pb/204Pb = and 208Pb/204Pb = The characteristic Copper containing rock hosts only a small percentage of copper Most of the rock is unwanted material typically referred to as gangue Depending on to what minerals the copper is bound the rock

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  • Natural Resources Embassy Of Nigeria SwedenCAVES FORMED WITHIN UPPER CRETACEOUS SKARNS AT

    About one billion tonnes of gypsum deposits are spread over many states in Nigeria Iron Ore There are over 3 billion metric tonnes of iron ore in deposits found in Kogi Enugu and Niger States as well as the Federal Capital Territory FTC calcite aragonite hydromagnesite and goethite were found within these skarn hosted caves as crusts coralloids minute cryst als aggregates and earthy mass Some of the minerals are of hydrothermal origin whereas others are interpreted to have formed

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  • I Vein Breccia and Stockwork British ColumbiaGenesis of Pb Zn Cu Ag Deposits Within Permian

    DEPOSIT FORM At various deposits the form has been described as planar en echelon vein sets shear veins cymoid veins cymoid loops sigmoidal veins extension veins tension gashes ladder veins and synthetic Reidel shear veins Veins vary in width from centimetres to several metres and can be traced up to hundreds of metrThis deposit was formed by at least three phases of mineralization ie pyrite and then galena replaced pyrite sphalerite replaced galena and pyrite The last phase is the deposition of chalcopyrite that replaced sphalerite The Latong sulfide ore deposits posses Pb isotope ratio of 206Pb/204Pb = 207Pb/204Pb = and 208Pb/204Pb = The characteristic

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  • Metal Deposits Related to Intracontinental Hotspot and Iron Ore Fe Minerals Deposits in Nigeria States and Uses

    Most non ferrous metal deposits are formed at convergent and divergent plate boundaries because these are areas of major magmatic and geologic activity Within plates magmatism is largely related to hotspot activity The tectonic igneous and sedimentary processes that accompany subcontinentalNigeria is among the African countries with vast iron ore deposits which can be found in some states in the country Itakpe in Kogi State is believed to have the purest deposits of iron ore and other states where it is deposited includes Abia Anambra Bauchi Benue Kwara Plateau and Nasarawa

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  • Ore genesis WikipediaGossan mineral Britannica

    Various theories of ore genesis explain how the various types of mineral deposits form within the Earth s crust Ore genesis theories vary depending on the mineral or commodity examinedGossan Gossan rust coloured oxide and hydroxide minerals of iron and manganese that cap an ore deposit Gossans form by the oxidation of the sulfide minerals in an ore deposit and they thus may be used as clues to the existence of subsurface ore deposits especially if distinctive boxworks are present

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  • Porphyry Deposits The World s Largest Source of Copper Volcanic Minerals Oregon State University

    Porphyry copper deposits can also be associated with epithermal gold deposits formed by the same volcanic complex above the deeper seated porphyry If alteration occurs in carbonate rich or volcanic rocks then skarn mineralisation may also developThe deposits form within 1 km of the surface and water temperatures are about 50 200 degrees C Shallow bodies of magma supply heat The rising hot water carries dissolved gold and other elements The water boils about 300 m below the surface and hydrogen sulfide gas escap This causes the gold to precipitate The boiling zone is the target for mineral exploration Veins commonly host the

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  • 11 PHASES OF A MINING PROJECT Home ELAWNigeria s mining sector looking up miningreview

    There are different phases of a mining project beginning with mineral ore exploration and ending with the post closure period What follows are the typical phases of a proposed mining project Each phase of mining is associated with different sets of environmental impacts 111 Exploration A mining project can only commence with knowledge of the extent and value of the mineral ore deposit PW Nigeria crew at Macy Mine Deposit Aerial view of Symbol Mining s Macy project located in the Benue Trough in Nigeria We have also signed a memorandum of understanding with another AXA listed company Kogi Iron who have a world class iron ore deposit

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  • Gold Occurences Natural ResourcesSEDEX The Biggest Lead and Zinc Deposits in the World

    Hydrothermal deposits can be classified as either epigenetic deposits that form after the formation of the surrounding rocks and other events of mineralization or syngenitic deposits that form the same time as surrounding rocks In epigenetic hydrothermal deposits gold may occur as the principle metal or as a secondary mineral associated with other metals such as iron copper lead and SEDEX deposits form deep under the ocean where vents in the sea floor allow hydrothermal fluids to mix with seawater These hot saline fluids have percolated through several kilometers of sediments and crystalline rocks picking up precious metals along the way

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  • GREENSTONE HOSTED QUARTZ CARBONATE VEIN DEPOSITS Sedimentary Phosphate Deposits Mineral Deposit Profile F07

    The greenstone hosted quartz carbonate vein deposits correspond to structurally controlled complex epigenetic deposits characterized by simple to complex networks of gold bearing laminated quartz carbonate fault fill veinsThis mineral may be also present within the rock matrix 1 British Columbia Geological Survey some sedimentary phosphate deposits formed at active continental margins intracontinental basins and even lacustrine environments DEPOSITIONAL ENVIRONMENT / GEOLOGICAL SETTING Deposition usually occurred in areas of warm paleoclimate mostly between the 40th parallels The most common

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    MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY OF SKARN DEPOSITS ABSTRACT Pyrometasomatic or skarn deposits are high temperalUre hydrothermal ore deposits of worldwide distribution usually in orogenic behs which are important sources of Fe Cu Zn W and other metals The characteristic feature of these deposits is the gangue a coarsegrained generally dark weathering mixture of calcium and Some of the oldest known rock formations having formed ca are associated with banded iron formations Banded iron formations account for more than 60 of global iron reserves and can be found in Australia Brazil Canada India Russia South Africa Ukraine and the United Stat

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  • Geology of Uranium Deposits World Nuclear AssociationA new classification of the gold deposits of Egypt

    Uranium deposits information on their geology from the World Nuclear Association seeking to promote and provide information on nuclear power nuclear energy the nuclear lifecycle from mining to disposal and the role nuclear energy has to play in meeting the world s sustainable energy needsA new classification of the gold deposits of Egypt Nagy Shawky Botros Egyptian Geological Survey Cairo Egypt Received 14 August accepted 1 July Available online 7 February Abstract Gold deposits and occurrences located in the Nubian Shield have been known in Egypt since Predynastic tim Despite the fact that these deposits were long under exploitation and investigated

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  • Mineral Resources Tulane UniversityGeology Exam 2 Flashcards Quizlet

    Explain how each of the following types of ore deposits form and give examples of each a magmatic ore deposits b hydrothermal ore deposits c sedimentary ore deposits d residual ore deposits e placer ore depositsWhich of the following are sometimes found as ore deposits formed by residual concentration in soil silver gold magnesium nickel tin diamonds iron Windblown silt deposits called blank have contributed to the formation of fertile soils in the Mississippi River valley and the Pacific Northwest

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